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Sandra has self published two books. In her first book, "Victory in the Storm", Sandra shares the struggles and victories of going through severe depression while serving as a missionary on the mission field.

Her second book, "Seeing God's Hand"  is a wonderful 52 week devotional where she shares how God uses ordinary things to reveal the extraordinary truths about Himself.


Her third book, "Unpuzzling Your Life" , is new this year.  It is a 7 week Bible Study that demonstrates God's sovereign design in putting the pieces of our life puzzle together.


"Unpuzzling Your Life"

UnPuzzling Your Life Book

How much Me? How much Him?
A 7-week Bible Study

How can the random events of life work for anything good? How much of life is my responsibility? What does God really want from me?

Using Scripture, illustration, and personal experience, this 7-weekd Bible Study will answer these questions and many more. It will show that our Master Designer has a purpose for every experience He brings into our life puzzle. There is a divine design behind the pieces.

This book is available at:

Newly Released February 8, 2022

"Unpuzzling Your Life" testimony:

"Sandra's keen eye on the designer aspect of our Creator is woven into this study with purpose and revelation.  After finishing this Bible study, my appreciation for God has multiplied and my understanding of His call on my life has deepened."
~Beth Patch, 
Digital Content Manager, Christian Broadcasting network

"Victory in the Storm"

Defeat depression and gain victory in your life

Depression is no respecter of age, gender, race, culture, or occupation. It happens to Christians and non-Christians. Regardless of the cause, it incapacitates us and steals our peace and joy. It leads to isolation, ineffectiveness, and a sense of hopelessness. Can it be overcome without depending on drugs and doctors? Can victory become reality? Does God’s word really work?

The answer to all these questions is "yes". In her book, Sandra reveals her struggle with depression as a missionary’s wife and how the Lord helped her overcome it. The secret to victory is in the study outline given in the back of the book. These truths will revolutionize your life and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ.


Available on Amazon

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"Seeing God's Hand"


52 Week Devotional

This 52-week devotional will illustrate the remarkable, exceptional, and even miraculous work of God behind the ordinary experiences of life. It presents a perspective that will give each new day a spark of excitement. “One of the most amazing revelations of God comes to us when we learn that it is in the everyday things of life that we realize the magnificent deity of Jesus Christ.” ~Oswald Chambers

Available on Amazon

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