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Lessons from the ranch

As we walked through the barn this morning, I heard Sage say, "What are you doing up there?" I saw one of our young black hens standing on a bar at the top of our barn. As we went about our morning chores, Sage left the barn, and I secured the gates.

Then I heard a tapping noise that I thought was outside of the barn. I stooped down, looking around, and as I looked up, I saw the hen had jumped up on top of the feed room roof. Instantly, I knew the hen was looking for a place to lay an egg. It looked innocent enough, but if this mother chicken laid her eggs up there, she could start brooding, and eventually, she would hatch her baby chicks up there. Then the babies could fall to the ground and die.

I saw all this play out in my mind in fast motion, so I started praying that she would get down, which she did. Praise the LORD! Amidst all this, the LORD showed me how a Mama's decisions significantly affect their children's lives.

We all have regrets about choices we should have or could have made differently. The good news is that with the LORD'S help, we can turn our life experiences into life lessons with powerful illustrations for our children, grandchildren, and others we influence. I've watched HIM change my mess into a message many times.

Let's ask the LORD to help us with all our choices today so we won't have regrets and our life might bring Him glory and honor. (Used with permission from a friend)

No decision affects only us but produces rings of influence that countless people and even generations may feel.

"For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself." Romans 14:7

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