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New Creature

When we accept Christ as our personal Savior we become a new creature. The illustration has been made that it is like a caterpillar emerging out of his cocoon and becoming a butterfly. Unlike the butterfly however, we have to learn how to live in our new life and how to fly.

This process includes recognizing the worldly values, philosophies, and standards we have adopted in our life. For me, this did not happen all at once, but took place layer by layer as the Holy Spirit revealed the need to me.

One particular area had plagued me most of my life. When I entered a crowd, whether it was a meeting or a party, involving family, friends or strangers, at church or a social function, I entered with fear and trembling. Within minutes I would subconsciously begin comparing myself with those around me. I compared hair, clothes, bodies, abilities, and families. There wasn't much I didn't compare. By the time the event was over, I suffered from feelings of defeat, rejection and discouragement. I was a perfectionist, a high achiever, and did not react well to criticism.

God not only knew my pain, He knew the cause. I was entangled in a worldly value standard. I based my self-worth on the opinion of others coupled with my ability to produce. While reading the Bible, the Holy Spirit began to show me the root of my problem.

The verses in the first chapter of Ephesians were what the Holy Spirit used to get my attention. As I read through the priceless, spiritual gifts given to me in Christ, the lights suddenly went on. I was already accepted and valuable because of the Beloved, Jesus Christ, not because of what I could do, or the opinions of others. It was all of God and independent of man.

I had read these verses many times and believed them. But, I learned there is a huge difference between what we accept in our intellect and what we are convinced of in our heart. As the reality of this truth sank in, I realized I had never accepted it for me personally. Now I had to make a choice. I could chose to remain entangled in the worldly concept I had been raised with, or I could reject it. The decision should have been easy, but my human logic argued.

Finally, I made my choice. I laid aside the lie that had bond me for so long, and replaced it with the truth. Not only was I now free from the "comparison game", but this new freedom caused me to rise above my self-preoccupation. Instead of being consumed with acquiring something from God, my heart overflowed with gratitude for what He had already given me.

Spiritual freedom is indescribable. It is awesome. It not only transforms us on the inside but it changes our interaction with others. It allows us to become tools in the hands God to be blessings to those around us.

Are you experiencing spiritual freedom or are you struggling in bondage? Ask God to show you what is hindering you. When He does, lay it aside and put God's truth in its place... and enjoy being a new creature in Christ.

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed" John 8:36
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