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Who's Leading?

"Where are we going?' asked nine year old Aaron, as he ran excitedly ahead of his mom. "I would show you, but it's hard when you keep running in front of me. It is much easier to follow when you're behind the leader." his mother replied.

Does this conversation sound familiar? How often have we asked, "Lord, where are you going?" We ask while we are busy arranging our appointment-calendars, and laying out the blueprint for our future. It is uniquely human to run ahead of our Leader.

Why do we do this? Why is it so hard for us to follow? A couple of reasons come to mind. One reason can be fear. We don't want to follow because we are simply afraid of where He might lead us. The path might be rugged, painful or lonely. We are fearful of the unknown.

When my husband entered the hospital on January 4, of 2012, we were told to expect a five to ten day stay. After six weeks, with four weeks of them in intensive care, and twelve surgeries later, and we were still here. We had no idea where the Lord would lead when this journey began, but trusting Him, eliminates the fear.

We may not follow because we are over confident. This happens most often with young or immature believers. We think we know the best way, and are convinced we can handle the varied problems that may arise. We have not yet recognized our limitations or weaknesses. Like young Aaron, we have our agenda, and are too impatient to wait on the Lord.

In order to follow our divine Leader, one thing is mandatory: humble submission. Self (with its ego) and pride must be put aside and the Lordship of Christ accepted. It involves admitting our need for leadership and His position and authority. At the beginning of each new day it would be beneficial for us to proof who is leading in our life.

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He leadeth me beside still waters..." Psalm 23:1

Do we want the still waters?

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